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Lost My Rankings – Why?

Why - Losting Rankings?Gone are the days of spamming Google and building low value backlinks in hopes of getting ranked.  Many SEO’s and internet marketers are learning this the hard way.  Ever since the Penguin update people have been scrambling to find out why they lost their rankings in Google.  Nine times out of ten I have looked into someone’s backlink profile and noticed a couple things:

Anchored Text

Building links with all the exact anchors you are trying to rank for.  This is a huge mistake and the Penguin update has axed this.  In fact, I tend to build links very naturally so I don’t have to deal with the setback up having to dilute my anchors, which can take several months to do effectively.  Believe me I am speaking from experience!

So how should be build anchored text?  Honestly, I play it very safe and build 30-40% exact and then 70-60% related with natural anchors.   You can use (which is free) to look for this or use SEOmoz or Majestic SEO to analyze backlink profiles.

Spammy Backlinks

Massive amounts of spammy backlinks are commonly a root cause of Google’s slap or penalties.  Please read my post on Too Good To Be True Links.  But, I see this all the time people will go to one of the many internet marketing forums and buy a backlinking service that is pure junk.  It’s a little more complex than that!  You can’t tell me you think throwing tons of links at your site in a day and then doing nothing is going to give you any longterm results.  The old tale if something looks to good to be true it probably is.

Low Value Content

This could be a number of problems.  For instance, if your website or blog has 5 pages of content and 200 words on each page your going to have to increase the quality of your website or blog.  You need highly valuable information, whether this be great helpful articles, videos, ect.  9 times out of 10 I talk to people wanting to know why their site isn’t ranking.  The answer is often your site has very low quality content.  Ask yourself does your site deliver awesome content that people like and actively share.

The second reason is the links you are building to your site or blog have spun content.  Google declared war on this and Panda was put in place years ago to combat people spinning content and blasting it all over social media, article networks, and spam blogs in order to game Google.  To this day I still see people offering spun content services.  It drives me up the wall!

Site Age

I don’t care what Google tells you there is a sandbox and this simply means sites that are older get more respect.  So for instance if you just started your super cool lizard site and aren’t getting results in Googles organic searches chances are you are not out of the sandbox yet.  Therefor, as a general rule of thumb I tend to favor sites that are at least a year old before doing any SEO on them.  The older the better.

All I am trying to say does your site deserve to be ranked.  Is it a site that people would actually care about?  If you are using or hiring someone to do SEO make sure they let you know some of their tactics.  A good company will explain it to you.  Don’t know how many times I have spoken with SEO companies that use crappy link building tactics or even unethical blackhat methods.

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  • Alecia Stringer

    Great tips, all that remind me why I love blogging on Empower Network too.

  • Garen

    Hey Alecia,

    I have never used the EN in my 4+ years of internet marketing, but I seem to be reading a lot of mixed feelings towards it.

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