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New Google Webmaster Tools Update

December 31st of 2013 marks a date on a lot of SEO’s and webmasters calendars as a day worth noting.  Why is this?  You maybe have logged into your Google Webmaster Tools (GMT) and noticed that there is a line that states there has been an update […]

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200 Google Ranking Factors

I just wanted to do a quick post on an awesome infographic I pulled from  It’s absolutely amazing and love it.  So anyone that wants to know what the 200 ranking factors are when considering your Google rankings this pretty much sums it up  Might take a […]

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$1.50/mo – Black Friday 2013 From Web Hosting Hub

Are you ready for the best Black Friday sale ever?  If you’re considering starting a website this couldn’t come at a more perfect time.  So what is it?  Web Hosting Hub is having an awesome Black Friday Sale.  It runs form November 29th to December 2 of […]

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Creating A Better Aesthetically Appealing Website

Bam, if you’re website looks amateur no one will take it seriously!  This makes no difference if you run an eCommerce, news, blog, and even informational website.  Please remember that your website needs to have awesome content, and not just look amazing.  A website must also be […]

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Best Shared Hosting Service For Your Business

Web Hosting Hub Is The Best Shared Hosting! Chances are if you have a small to medium sized business you need a shared web hosting plan.  There are so many out there!  How do you find the right company for your online business needs?  Shared hosting servers […]

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Dealing With Angry Customers

No matter what you’re trying to sell or what business you’re in, you can never avoid dealing with upset customers once in a while. This actually happens on a regular basis. If you want to stay in the industry where you’re in right now, you must learn […]

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Hummingbird Update – Big Google Update

The Hummingbird update was rolled out by Google on it’s 15th birthday of September.  This is noted as being the biggest algorithm change in the history of Google and will effect 90% of all websites.  Hell, even covered this algorithm change so we know it’s “big […]

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Nexus 7 32 GB Tablet Giveaway – Dead Dog Design Inc

Dead Dog Design is giving away a Nexus 7 32 GB tablet for the month of October. These tablets are amazing and I actually own one myself. This is the latest generation from Google and the 2nd generation tablet. Over a million people have purchased this tablet […]

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Dynamic Sites Get Higher Rankings

Your website needs to be updated at least twice a month (minimum).  You do not want to run a static website.  All too commonly  I do SEO consultations and find out that people are not updating their site frequently.  It’s really not hard to do and a […]

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Best Places To Submit Content

If your looking to get traffic then look no further.  Here are the top places to submit your content to.  One of the hardest parts when starting a blog is getting your content in front a lot of eyeballs.  Please feel free to vote on the ones […]

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